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Andrew Stolarz stolarz at
Thu Dec 15 11:51:30 EST 2016

Hi Clifford

Thanks for the tips.

Wrapping the CGI for nginx seems interesting, I will take a look when I
have some time and would be ideal vs having to run apache and nginx in my
case with Omnis.



On 14 December 2016 at 15:56, CLIFFORD ILKAY <clifford_ilkay at>

> On 14/12/16 01:22 PM, Andrew Stolarz wrote:
>> Has anyone had any success integrating the omnis JS server with nginx?
>> (rather then IIS or apache as stated on the omnis site).
> I presume the Omnis App Server is still dependent on an Apache module,
>, or on a CGI, nph-omniscgi. You can't use the Apache module
> with nginx so you have two options.
> First, you can use nginx as a reverse proxy in front of Apache such that
> any requests for dynamic pages are passed through to Apache but any
> requests for static assets are served by nginx directly. In this
> configuration, Apache will only listen to requests on localhost. I've used
> this method of deployment for non-Omnis sites and it works well. I don't
> see any reason why it wouldn't work for Omnis, too.
> The other option is to wrap the CGI and serve via nginx fastcgi <
> I've used this method for PHP applications but not for Omnis. It would
> require some R&D to accomplish this in Omnis and it would be a worthwhile
> venture.
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