Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Tue Dec 13 18:03:21 EST 2016

Hey Phil,

We do something fairly similar. My point is, you don't have the
functionality out of the box and it requires a lot of additions to get
things like indexes, referential integrity, etc. implemented. It sounds
to me like you just covered the basics.

At FIQAS back in Holland we went down a different route, because Omnis
was just one cog in the wheel we maintained database structures in
modeling studio (I used the excellent ErStudio for this) and had it
create scripts we needed to run on installations to upgrade them to new

But for someone moving from native datafile or who has lots of small
installations out there having everything you need contained within your
library is a very good and straight forward approach. But there is
nothing there. There are no tutorials on how to do this, there are no
libraries for you to hit the ground running, the only option you have is
to contact the list, see who's gone through this already, have them help
you build your own system.

Well I'm being a little untruthful as there are some out of the box
options out there such as Studio works but my problem with this is that
I believe this should be something that is part of the Omnis Studio
package. It really is one of the key missing links to move to a SQL
based solution.

As I said, I've long wanted to redo this logic we've developed into a
library that can be used by anyone within the community so they do not
have to build this. It was one of the reasons I did my session at
EurOmnis last year. I just need to find the time to actually do it.



On 14/12/2016 3:50 AM, Phil wrote:
> Bas, Wendy,
> Actually, I don't really agree with that as an issue.
> We have routines on startup check the schemas in our application,
> against, in our case, a postgresql server, and update the server if
> there are any required changes...
> Takes little noticeable time to achieve, and once I add a field in a
> schema, I just restart my dev app, and it is from then on in the data
> structure.
> The reality is I don't create tables anymore, I just create a schema,
> and set the userinfo field to Create, then the code just creates the
> tables and primary key on startup...
> For a brand new installation, my installer installs PostGreSQL, and I
> have it run a script to create an empty database, and a default user.
> After that the program creates the tables, primary keys and any
> relevant defaults as required.
> Any library updates, including schemas updates or new schemas, are
> looked after in the local data by the application...
> So, unless there is something else, I don't see this as an issue?
> regards
> Phil. 

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