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I don't think you started a flame war. I agree with you that the
discussion isn't helping Wendies immediate problem, you can't switch
over to SQL overnight no matter how much better we think the solution
may be. So hopefully someone has an answer for her, I unfortunately do
not, we've said goodbye to the NDF a long time ago. It was a long and
arguably painful experience as we did so at a time there was much less
knowledge on the subject on the Omnis list but it has paid its dividends

This discussion will keep circling around and around because so many
Omnis developers feel so passionate about it. There are a lot of reasons
for not moving from NDF to SQL especially if you have a working product
as it is. I think there are also a lot of preconceptions which as long
as people keep recycling them, will get the same responses over and over

I urge anyone to move to SQL but I'm not blind to some of the very valid
reasons I've heard over time that is stopping people to migrate. I think
these reasons should be taken much more seriously then they currently
are but at the same time I am more hopeful then I've been in the past 20
years that now may be the time these reasons are addressed.

But I do believe the NDF whether we like it or not, is dying. I believe,
and I could be very wrong at this never having looked at the source of
Omnis but simply reading between the lines, the investment needed to
bring the NDF up to todays standards so it won't fall over every time
Apple or Microsoft release a new patch for their OS is simply too great
to make when there is already a viable alternative that opens up a far
wider market to Omnis.



On 13/12/2016 8:49 AM, Bryan Brodie wrote:
> Hi,
> The last thing I wanted to do was spark a flame war; apologies if my reply
> was interpreted this way.
> I believe Wendy's original question was: "Does windows 10 support non-ODB
> small LAN DF1 sharing?"
> Hopefully we can get back to that basic question and dispense with any
> disputes. I don't have an answer.
> The great thing about Omnis (besides the amazing developer community) has
> always been its flexibility and versatility.
> Thanks, peace out!
> Bryan Brodie
> From: "wendy" <wizardcompserv at gmail.com>
>> Subject: RE: Locking
>> I think this really depends on your customer base - most of my customers
>> now
>> have no more than 6 users and do not have IT experience to be able to
>> maintain a SQL database.
>> Also being able to make changes to the database structure is extremely
>> simple with an Omnis database - a new version of the software and possibly
>> a
>> check data - while SQL would mean scripts for them to run.
>> Kind regards
>> Wendy Osbaldestin
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