Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Mon Dec 12 17:10:38 EST 2016

Hey Reg,

Good points all of them, for me the same applies, I still (ab)use
fileclasses as well, just not for accessing datafiles. I've got a bunch
of memory only file classes that I load up with constant values when my
library starts. It's a workaround due to the fact that Omnis does not
allow you to define constants and it is so much easier to type
kSomething and have autocompletion give me a list of possibilities while
at the same time making my code much easier to read as a named constant
is so much clearer then an arbitrary value.

For those who skimmed over Jims post and missed the intention of having
a JSON representation of a library in Omnis Studio 8.1, does that remove
the last hurdle for TL to remove support for the native datafile (seeing
a library is an NDF)?



On 13/12/2016 7:14 AM, Reg Paling wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> These veterinary analogies are dramatic but they have their
> limitations!  If Omnis Software gets rid of the NDF, does that mean
> getting rid of the CRB as well?  If the NDF goes, I for one would be
> happy to see the CRB disappear with it, however less than a year ago
> you wrote:
> >>the general belief is that file classes have no more use now that
> there are schema classes and talking to sql databases.
> >>we are totally sql — but we still find the file classes incredibly
> useful for merging into the CRB for a number of things.
> ... so where should Omnis draw the line?
> While I am in favour of the changes in Studio 8.x, I do hope Omnis
> maintains the ODB (as a deprecated feature) for future operating
> systems as long as possible.
> Cheers,
> Reg
> PS - It's a measure of how much I appreciate your posts that I
> remember what you wrote a year ago! 

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