Bryan Brodie brb at appimatic.com
Mon Dec 12 16:49:12 EST 2016


The last thing I wanted to do was spark a flame war; apologies if my reply
was interpreted this way.

I believe Wendy's original question was: "Does windows 10 support non-ODB
small LAN DF1 sharing?"

Hopefully we can get back to that basic question and dispense with any
disputes. I don't have an answer.

The great thing about Omnis (besides the amazing developer community) has
always been its flexibility and versatility.

Thanks, peace out!

Bryan Brodie

From: "wendy" <wizardcompserv at gmail.com>
> Subject: RE: Locking
> I think this really depends on your customer base - most of my customers
> now
> have no more than 6 users and do not have IT experience to be able to
> maintain a SQL database.
> Also being able to make changes to the database structure is extremely
> simple with an Omnis database - a new version of the software and possibly
> a
> check data - while SQL would mean scripts for them to run.
> Kind regards
> Wendy Osbaldestin
> Wizard Computer Services
> Tel:  01260271647
> Mobile: 07740541021

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