The power of touch

Gavin Foster omnislist at
Mon Dec 12 11:19:24 EST 2016

Hi Bas and all,

I have been thinking the same thing.

Regarding touch screens:

I bought my son a Lenovo Yoga recently; it had a touch screen and noticed how intuitive it is to him to "type and touch”.
(This may also be partly because non-Apple touch pads often give a poor response.)

I want to see Omnis fully support touch UI, including "pinch to zoom”.
Without it, our applications are going to look dated and consequently suffer in any new business prospects.

Regarding Apple:

a) I’m taking the stance “Don’t buy Macs till they pay their tax.” I’ll consider a new MBP once they’ve coughed up 12 Billion euros to the Irish government for their European business. (So I’m unlikely to be buying any more Macs for a while!) 

Hackintosh maybe but would prefer not to licence their OS for the same reason, so please Omnis give us the Linux development version.

b) Apple have been fairly visionary in the past e.g. forcing software onto the web in place of CD distributions. But now it’s nothing more that cost cutting and charging the customer more for the privilege of having less. No ethernet port on the PC’s, no headphone port on the phones. You can’t put an accountant in charge and I see them falling from grace quickly.

Just my 2 eurocents worth.
Rgds, Gav

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