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We're sort of beating a dead horse here.  Use of the NDF does have some very appropriate uses.  The debate is resurrected every time anyone even mentions the NDF.  Personally, I hope I don't have to read the debate _every week_.  Let the developer, the customer, and ultimately, Omnis Software make the decision.  The list is great for advice and helps solve many problems.  I'd hate to see it deteriorate in anyone telling anyone what they "ought to do."  Let's schedule this debate to occur once a year on June 22 and then not repeat it AGAIN for another year.


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I think this really depends on your customer base - most of my customers now
have no more than 6 users and do not have IT experience to be able to
maintain a SQL database.  

Also being able to make changes to the database structure is extremely
simple with an Omnis database - a new version of the software and possibly a
check data - while SQL would mean scripts for them to run.

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I¹ll agree, and for most apps, and given the knowledge on the list, this
would be a relatively easy conversion.
Much easier than a move from 07 to studio (for the relative part).

Connection info, pitfalls, recommendations, example code, etc, everything is
available from list members, and (depending on library size) not a difficult


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>I¹ll get shot for saying this
>personal opinion is that df1 has no really valid use cases and that all 
>use cases can be covered with better technology at little or no cost.
>postgres and sqllite are free, can easily be deployed on any machine 
>(including for personal databases), are far faster and more capable.
>you an even treat them like df1¹s with single file finds, connected 
>records and all that stuffŠ t
>but, being sql, offer up a whole lot more.      and they address where
>technology is going --- that byte range locking support in an operating 
>system is going to eventually fade away.
>the signposts have been there for a long time.   ODB  (circa Omnis 3.8)
>was the advance warning that this style of db support was getting 
>problematic, so there has been well over a decade that we¹ve all known 
>about it.
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>> On Dec 11, 2016, at 12:25 PM, Bryan Brodie <brb at appimatic.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> From reading the V8 tech notes, I got the impression that traditional  
>>LAN-locking of the DF1 file was no longer possible from a Mac OS (X)  
>>client, but it seemed to me that it was still supported in Windows.
>> know about Linux.
>> I've not upgraded so I cannot offer more insight, other than to say, 
>> not every solution requires SQL and net-shared DF1 has many valid use
>> I hate to see it go away, but that's where we're headed.
>> DF1-type logic would be an incredible option for solely local storage 
>>in a  truly mobile (iOS / Android) Omnis runtime (not JS/server 
>> Like I've stated previously, I can dream...
>> Bryan Brodie
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>>> Hi
>>> I hope you are wrong there because the omnis handling of locking is 
>>> so simple
>>> Kind regards
>>> Wendy Osbaldestin
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>>> Locking as in Database DF1 locking?
>>> If so, I didn't think this was now supported without the ODB.
>>> Mike
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>>> On 11 Dec 2016, at 08:00, Chris Hughes <ataddata at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
>>>> Anybody else had trouble with locking on Omnis Studio 8.
>>>> Info:-
>>>> Omnis native data file.
>>>> On same server as before that had Omnis studio 4 running on it 
>>>> looking into a refurbished data base. refurbished one will be 
>>>> uni-code I
>>>> assume)
>>>> Server Microsoft not the latest.
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