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I think this really depends on your customer base - most of my customers now
have no more than 6 users and do not have IT experience to be able to
maintain a SQL database.  

Also being able to make changes to the database structure is extremely
simple with an Omnis database - a new version of the software and possibly a
check data - while SQL would mean scripts for them to run.

Kind regards
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I¹ll agree, and for most apps, and given the knowledge on the list, this
would be a relatively easy conversion.
Much easier than a move from 07 to studio (for the relative part).

Connection info, pitfalls, recommendations, example code, etc, everything is
available from list members, and (depending on library size) not a difficult


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>I¹ll get shot for saying this
>personal opinion is that df1 has no really valid use cases and that all 
>use cases can be covered with better technology at little or no cost.
>postgres and sqllite are free, can easily be deployed on any machine 
>(including for personal databases), are far faster and more capable.
>you an even treat them like df1¹s with single file finds, connected 
>records and all that stuffŠ t
>but, being sql, offer up a whole lot more.      and they address where
>technology is going --- that byte range locking support in an operating 
>system is going to eventually fade away.
>the signposts have been there for a long time.   ODB  (circa Omnis 3.8)
>was the advance warning that this style of db support was getting 
>problematic, so there has been well over a decade that we¹ve all known 
>about it.
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>> On Dec 11, 2016, at 12:25 PM, Bryan Brodie <brb at appimatic.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> From reading the V8 tech notes, I got the impression that traditional  
>>LAN-locking of the DF1 file was no longer possible from a Mac OS (X)  
>>client, but it seemed to me that it was still supported in Windows.
>> know about Linux.
>> I've not upgraded so I cannot offer more insight, other than to say, 
>> not every solution requires SQL and net-shared DF1 has many valid use
>> I hate to see it go away, but that's where we're headed.
>> DF1-type logic would be an incredible option for solely local storage 
>>in a  truly mobile (iOS / Android) Omnis runtime (not JS/server 
>> Like I've stated previously, I can dream...
>> Bryan Brodie
>> From: "wendy" <wizardcompserv at gmail.com>
>>> Subject: RE: Locking
>>> Hi
>>> I hope you are wrong there because the omnis handling of locking is 
>>> so simple
>>> Kind regards
>>> Wendy Osbaldestin
>>> Wizard Computer Services
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>>> Locking as in Database DF1 locking?
>>> If so, I didn't think this was now supported without the ODB.
>>> Mike
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>>> On 11 Dec 2016, at 08:00, Chris Hughes <ataddata at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
>>>> Anybody else had trouble with locking on Omnis Studio 8.
>>>> Info:-
>>>> Omnis native data file.
>>>> On same server as before that had Omnis studio 4 running on it 
>>>> looking into a refurbished data base. refurbished one will be 
>>>> uni-code I
>>>> assume)
>>>> Server Microsoft not the latest.
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