Window displays as front window, but clicking on it shows window behind it

Scotte Meredith spomacguy at
Wed Dec 7 12:19:38 EST 2016

I have an odd thing happening (Windows only).

I open a custom print dialog window on top of an existing window. It displays as the front window, but when you try to click on anything in the window, the click actually registers on the underlying window and that window comes to the front.

I have put in an OK message to show the name of the $topwind().$name and it says that the top window is the custom print dialog I’m expecting. Just before I display that message, I have both a $bringtofront as well as a "Queue bring to top” for good measure. It is the top window, but trying to click on that top window actually brings the window below it to the front. There are no evToTop events being trapped by either window.

Anyone see this before? Ideas?

Scotte Meredith
SpoMacGuy at

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