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Tue Dec 6 09:13:13 EST 2016

I use this trick: (mid(datetime,1,25))  in the client method $formatcell:

Calculate columnDesc as mid(iResultList.[pRowNo].datetimeadded,1,25)     

The date/time is stored in following format in the db:
"2016-12-01 07:44:00"

And with using the above code, the date/time is displayed in the jsform as
Dec  1 2016  7:44 am

I tried using jst() and I got the error as well.


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Same question ; with format('m D Y H:N',iDate)

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On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 5:24 AM, <brian at> wrote:

> Trying to format a string inside a datagrid.  I have the 
> kJSDataGridModeCustomFormat set and on the methods for the datagrid I 
> have an $formatcell method where I'm trying to format a string using the jst().
> But, that is not working.   Using jst(fieldcolumn, 'm D Y H:N') and not
> working with a message that jst() doesn't recognize D and Y.   Need to have
> a date and time column that won't bring up the JS calendar when you 
> enter it and allows you to input the time.
> Thanks,
> Brian
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