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Doug Easterbrook doug at
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why use applescript?

first, its a bit of a habit, but you have more control over what you can do with applescript -- because it is scriptable.  You can supply parameters, check existence of things -- run shell scripts or what have you, things that may not be apps, so that gives you a fair amount of control.

you can also return data from the command.  

simply having apple script eliminates the need for a comprehensive command in omnis -- which may (or may not) doe all that you need.

example:   Theatre Manage needs to be PCI compliant for credit card safety.  One of the PCI compliance requirements is that you segregate machines on wifi from the main lan.   So we have a script that returns us info from the operating system like if wifi is enabled (and we stop the app if it is), and a number of others safe computing practices when dealing with credit cards.

that doesn't make applescript the right choice --  it just makes it one of the choices that has a lot of flexibility.


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> On Mar 31, 2015, at 5:08 PM, Brian O'Sullivan <brian.os at> wrote:
>> Hi Reg,
>> I'm not a Mac user, so I just use the Apple script approach because it is
>> said to work. However, when "Launch program ,[mLink]" works on both
>> platforms, this is even better, thanks!
>> I just wonder why TL does not provide a native command for opening a web URL
>> - this is something nearly every application needs, and can't be that
>> complicated to implement ...
>> Best greetings
>> Mischa

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