Studio 6..1 and Windows XP

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Hi Doug,

straight forward - no. Does not work. Omnis.exe needs the jump address
GetTickCount64 that is not provided in Kernel32.dll of XP (tried it with
32bit version, of course).


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hi Bas:

it is a straight forward technical question -- 'can it be done'?

Knowing the complete lay of the land regarding technical options is
important and I want to find out if its an arbitrary decision placed into
the installer, or a *real life* technical limitation.

I'm not interested in 'well you shouldn't because.... (insert your
technical, moral or philosophical reason why not)'.

I'd like my customers to move forward and I have forced progress on them in
some cases.    There are things we no longer support because our hand was
forced, but if:
- I do not have to force my hand
- it is not hurting my support team
- it is limited extra work on our behalf
- and the client expresses a desire

then I'll keep compatibility with older operating systems or database
versions around unless I absolutely must have a feature that cannot be
backward supported at limited expense

 I prefer to keep my development tools at a defined level.   If studio 6.1
cuts me from XP support, using the register/calldll -- thats something to
know -- and I can make a decision.

the very last thing I want to say to customers is...   sorry, I cannot help
you because I wont.    I'd prefer to say, you can continue on your path you
chose (i.e. XP),  but we recommend, as soon as you can, to put money into
your budget to buy a machine that only runs windows 10 and hate it....

sadly, both OSX (yes I love Mac) and Windows (hasn't been good customer
experiences) are migrating to overprotection.    Yosemite hasn't been the
best OS for running applications on.  I don't want to force customers to go
places that they don't want to go to.

hence..   is it possible???  anybody tried it??

Doug Easterbrook
Arts Management Systems Ltd.
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> On Mar 29, 2015, at 7:43 PM, Bastiaan Olij <bastiaan at> wrote:
> The big question I have is "why". XP is dead. It's leaking like a
> basketcase and leaving your business open to a myriad of risks. You
> never know what changes TL has made to move the product forward that
> will break parts of your code that you haven't found yet.

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