Studio 6..1 and Windows XP

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Hi Doug,

Haven't tried it however unless TL has removed certain core bits I'm
pretty sure it will work. You will have to copy the files installed into
your users local profile into the installation as well as XP doesn't
understand this.

The big question I have is "why". XP is dead. It's leaking like a
basketcase and leaving your business open to a myriad of risks. You
never know what changes TL has made to move the product forward that
will break parts of your code that you haven't found yet.

We still have one or two clients who remain adamant to stay on XP
despite these risks. We simply have no choice but to leave them on older
versions of our software that still runs Studio 4. We don't even deploy
our Studio 6.0 version on XP as we're fully following UAC guidelines now.

Also, and this is more a personal experience though I'm surprised we
haven't run into this business wise very often (or we have and it just
doesn't reach my ears), I was helping out a friend who had an older
computer still running XP but did have a number of newer pieces of
software running. His computer simply wasn't up to scratch to do so.
Simply booting up Outlook takes a minute or so on his PC. 

Even if your software will function on XP, we as developers are working
on recent hardware. People who stick with XP aren't just sticking with
an outdated OS, they are also sticking with outdated hardware but they
will be prompted to upgrade to the latest Internet Explorer and easily
install the latest Office on there. In the end you may get your
application running on their machines only to have them hate your
software because it is not giving the a good user experience and the
fault may have nothing to do with your application. It may simply be
overloading the hardware to a point that your software falters.

It all gets even worse when they decide to keep the hardware and upgrade
the OS. Try running Windows 8 with all the bells and whistles on 10 year
old hardware....

At some point you need to ask yourself, what is better for my business?
What is better for my clients? Jumping through hoops to try and make
your application work on obsolete hardware? Or simply drawing a line in
the sand and saying, sorry guys, but its time to buy a new machine.


On 30/03/2015 11:16 am, Doug Easterbrook wrote:
> did anybody try installing studio 6.1 to some place that supports it (liek 2008 server) and then copy the folder from program files to an xp machine --- ti see if it really won't run  (vs won't install??)
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>> On Mar 20, 2015, at 4:52 PM, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at> wrote:
>>> I thought v6.1 did not work with XP full stop. 
>> Mike's right - if you try to run the 6.1 installer on XP it says "Unable to install to Operating System.  Please install to Windows 2008 or greater ( => NT 6.0 )."
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