Drop down list problems with touch screens

Simon Dorset simon at dorsetcomputing.co.uk
Wed Mar 25 14:55:52 EDT 2015

It is probably Windows7 that is the problem not the touch screen. If you
turn off desktop composition for Omnis7 you will probably find that it

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I was wondering if anybody has had any experience using omnis7 with touch
screens?  I'm having problems selecting items from drop down lists.  Omnis
doesn't seem to detect the' mouse up' part of the #click.  The list remains
open with your selected item highlighted and doesn't close until you select
another part of the screen.  The only way I can get it to work is if I drag
my finger slightly after selecting the line before removing it from the
screen.  These touch screens are running windows 7 but I have also tried it
on another model using windows8  and that worked ok.

It may work better with studio and I do plan to convert the application but
I would like to get omnis7 working in the short term if possible.

If anybody has tried this I would appreciate any suggestions.


Dave Jobling.
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