Error handler just goes away! Why?

David Barnett David at
Thu Mar 19 10:35:40 EDT 2015

In this case, I'm working in Studio 5.1.1. 

Situation: there's a 'polling' window with a timer running to check a table periodically for event records to process. That's all fine. But at some locations an export triggered by one of those events hits a disk error now and then, which raises a specific Omnis error. That gets trapped in an error handler so we can log the error.

In the error handler I call 'clear method stack', close the polling window, write out some additional error log records, and re-open the polling window. That re-establishes the polling action just fine. But at that point the error handle is gone, lost at sea, absolutely nowhere to be found. I can't even reestablish it with a new set error handler call. I have to close Omnis and restart the app. The error handler gets set at startup and works fine.

So, why does it just go away for no apparent reason? And why can't I reset it? Any ideas?


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