Expert Tells Senators Massively Increasing H-1b Guest-Worker Visas Would Send Message To Americans: ‘Your Job Is Up For Grabs’ By Foreigners

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An industry career heads up to corporate high tech employees, consultants and independent developers in the US ... This type of policy took about 1 million US high tech jobs right after Y2K was solved and a few times since.  They are trying now for another round.  Hardly anyone paid attention and fewer cared.  This is what globalism is all about -- suppressing wages and rates for a career field.

David Sadler

Expert Tells Senators Massively Increasing H-1b Guest-Worker Visas Would Send Message To Americans: ‘Your Job Is Up For Grabs’ By Foreigners
17 Mar 2015

At Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on H-1B guest-worker visas, one of the country’s leading experts on the high-tech guest-worker program said that with proposed legislation like the Senate’s “I-Squared” bill that would triple the number of guest-worker visas, Congress’s message to any American worker making more than $60,000 year is: “your job is up for grabs.”

Howard University Public Policy Professor Ron Hira made those remarks after referencing the $60,000 wage floor for H-1B workers and saying that it was a myth that companies pay guest-workers prevailing wages and actively look first for Americans to fill jobs that are eventually given to H-1B guest-workers who are no better qualified or specialized than the American workers they are replacing.

Rutgers University Public Policy Professor Hal Salzman mentioned that the Senate’s “I-Squared” bill would allow 180,000 H-1b visas a year even though industry lobbyists said the tech industry needed 120,000. What that means, according to Salzman, is that it would provide the industry “enough guest-workers with 50% left in reserve,” which would allow the tech industry to essentially fill all new job openings with guest-workers with enough visas leftover to replace more American workers.

“In sum, current policies and the proposed changes in high skill guest-worker visas and immigration policies that increase the supply of guest-workers are likely to accelerate the already deteriorating labor force conditions and career prospects for STEM graduates (STEM is an acronym referring to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and workers,” he testified.

Hira said that Southern California Edison’s abuse of the H-1B program “is flagrant but isn’t an isolated case.” He mentioned documented cases of Disney in Florida, Cargill in Minnesota, Harley Davidson in Wisconsin, Pfizer in Connecticut, and Xerox in Rochester all having gamed the H-1B program to displace American workers.

Jay Palmer, the Infosys whistleblower who eventually lost his job for exposing the company’s H-1B abuses, told lawmakers that he wanted to be the face of the displaced American worker and explained to Senators that Infosys brought in guest-workers who were not better qualified than the Americans who trained them before being replaced.

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