Type-Ahead Combo

ADJob mats at adjob.se
Wed Mar 18 15:08:08 EDT 2015

Hi Mischa,

> On windows, it displays the system classes, regardless which key is entered
> - is this on purpose?

Yes. System classes is loaded in $construct as iv_LIST_SOURCE as demo. Load whatever you want.

> Ok, now I understand - the demo searches for *any* occurrence of the entered
> string within the list strings:

Yes. If the list is a combination of codes and text, you can search both code (normally in the beginning) text  (normally ”any” occurrence) to load the code.

> So to fill the list with strings *starting* with the entered values you
> would need to do something like
>  Do
> iv_LIST_SOURCE.$filter(left(upp(pv_CONTENTS),upp(iv_LIST_SOURCE.c1))>0,kTrue
> )

It might be very useful sometimes.

> One little problem I encounter is that clicking the down button does not
> display the full list.

Fixed if you download again:


Note that this combo also is useful within complex grids. You do not have to play with lists within lists.


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