jsclient $dataname and Subforms ???

Lars Schärer los at computer-nach-mass.de
Tue Mar 17 18:44:25 EDT 2015

Hi all,

manual says 

"If the remote form class inside the subform field has only one field you can override its
dataname using the $dataname property for the subform field. For example, your subform
class may contain a single headed list field that takes its data from a particular list variable.
However you can change the list assigned to the headed list by setting the subform field’s
$dataname property to the name of another list. You could do this in the $construct()
method of the subform field."

However while i can make this work with the fatclients subwindows, 
(using in subwindows.$construct
Do $cinst.$objs.SUBLIST.$dataname.$assign($cinst.$dataname)
Do $cinst.$objs.SUBLIST.$dataname.$assign('')
- don't know why the second line is necessary)

i can't make it work yet with the jsclient.
During 6.1. ßeta, support told me this was fixed in 6.1.

Anyone out there who managed to use this feature?



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