O$4 - Copy a continer object

Reg Paling reg.paling at lokanet.com
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Hi MIchael,

What you could do is have a menu or toolbar showing the open client 
names.  The user could choose a client to switch to, and that client's 
windows would automatically appear, and the previous client's open 
windows would be automatically hidden (not closed). The disadvantage 
would be only being able to see one client at a time, but then maybe you 
could devise a way around that.  If you can manage with only one 
client's windows open at a time, Omnis could do this out of the box with 
very little code.

The subwindows thing sounds like it would take a lot of effort to build, 
refine and maintain.

How are you managing the database connections?


On 14/03/2015 12:21 am, Michael Mantkowski wrote:
> Hi Reg,
> I have looked at Tasks.  And that sort of gets me half way there.  However,
> Tasks don't seem to have a "visual component" and the goal is to constrain a
> set of Windows in their own Master Window that can be moved around or
> minimized when needed.
> If a Task could be configured to have a Visual Workspace in the shape of a
> Window with a title bar and boarder I think I have what I need.
> What I want is the ability to open several "Master Widows" that act like
> their own Omnis Application.  I could limit each one to a single client's
> data.  The user then could open several of these and move back and forth
> when working with them.  Then close or open new ones as needed.
> I can of course do this now with Subwindows.  I just have this issue with
> not being able to control which one is on top when their space overlaps.  I
> want them to act like standard windows and have the "Top" order changed as
> they are used.
> Michael
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> Hi Michael,
> Going back to what you wanted to achieve, have you looked at Tasks and
> the $autoactivate property?  I've never used it, but it sounds like it
> could be what you're looking for, already built into Omnis.  Have a look
> at the Omnis_Programming.pdf, "Using Tasks" in Chapter 3.  An example is
> the traffic lights in the toolbar which allow you to choose between
> design, runtime and both.
> To get your head around this, you do need to understand OO.  The key
> point is "a task instance is a container for other instances".
> Cheers,
> Reg
>> The main idea is to create a "Virtual Desktop" inside a "Master Window"
>> where the user can maintain a single clients records.  There can then be
>> more than one client desktop open at the same time and they can all use
> the
>> same windows but keep them separate.
> ...
>> What I really wish we in Omnis was the ability to have virtual screen
> spaces
>> where they keep track of their own activity.  Just like Subwindows, but
>> using the complete Window (Title Bars, Boarders, Menus, Etc.).
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