O$4 - Copy a continer object

Reg Paling reg.paling at lokanet.com
Thu Mar 12 22:42:20 EDT 2015

Hi Michael,

Going back to what you wanted to achieve, have you looked at Tasks and 
the $autoactivate property?  I've never used it, but it sounds like it 
could be what you're looking for, already built into Omnis.  Have a look 
at the Omnis_Programming.pdf, "Using Tasks" in Chapter 3.  An example is 
the traffic lights in the toolbar which allow you to choose between 
design, runtime and both.

To get your head around this, you do need to understand OO.  The key 
point is "a task instance is a container for other instances".


> The main idea is to create a "Virtual Desktop" inside a "Master Window"
> where the user can maintain a single clients records.  There can then be
> more than one client desktop open at the same time and they can all use the
> same windows but keep them separate.
> What I really wish we in Omnis was the ability to have virtual screen spaces
> where they keep track of their own activity.  Just like Subwindows, but
> using the complete Window (Title Bars, Boarders, Menus, Etc.).

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