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Thu Mar 12 19:30:05 EDT 2015

Hi George,

For me, more control & more functionality are the keys.  Thinking specifically about list commands, getting away from 'The Current List' and being able to easily manipulate multiple lists is a place where notation shines.


>I've been using Omnis since Omnis 3. Used Studio 2 and now have Studio 6.1,
>so I'm up-to-date for the moment.
>I've been watching this list and notice that every answer to every question
>involves using notation. I have no general issue with this and have been
>slowly adapting to using notation to get more granular control over things
>(and to replace old processes that break after an upgrade because the old
>method has been deprecated/discontinued), but most of the old Omnis
>functions still work fine for me.
>My question is: What is the overwhelming reason to convert to using
>notation instead of the traditional Omnis functions? Is it performance?
>More control? Or is it because the old functions are gradually being phased
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