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Thu Mar 12 18:26:31 EDT 2015

hi Brian:

we use a lot of notation --  its good stuff.

but just a plug for some of the older command line things -- sometimes its faster.

for example,
Begin Reversible block
  set current list
End reversible block

for each line in list (selected only)

end for

is faster than the notation equivalent -- so we use the above in time sensitive routines.

do list.$first(ktrue) returns #F
while true

   do list.$next(0,ktrue) returns #F
end while

and sometimes its clearer to use non-notation.

but many other times -- notation is probably the best way to go.

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> On Mar 12, 2015, at 3:56 PM, George Ziemann <gzieman54 at> wrote:
> Brian and Mischa,
> Thanks. Both of those responses make perfect sense. I had already figured
> out that there are some things you can only do with notation and I'm
> developing the habit of looking to the notation reference when I'm trying
> to do something new (to me) or 4GL is just not giving me the control I need.
> On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 2:45 PM, Mischa <mischa at> wrote:
>> I think, the main reason is once you're getting used to it (and there are
>> things you can only do with $notation), you don't want to maintain two
>> different languages side by side.  But it's also a matter of convenience -
>> I still use 4GL when things can be done easier or it enhances legibility,
>> like Calculate instead of $assign, for instance.
>> Best greetings
>> Mischa
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>> I've been using Omnis since Omnis 3. Used Studio 2 and now have Studio 6.1,
>> so I'm up-to-date for the moment.
>> I've been watching this list and notice that every answer to every question
>> involves using notation. I have no general issue with this and have been
>> slowly adapting to using notation to get more granular control over things
>> (and to replace old processes that break after an upgrade because the old
>> method has been deprecated/discontinued), but most of the old Omnis
>> functions still work fine for me.
>> My question is: What is the overwhelming reason to convert to using
>> notation instead of the traditional Omnis functions? Is it performance?
>> More control? Or is it because the old functions are gradually being phased
>> out?
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