O$4 - Copy a continer object

Mischa mischa at omnislab.com
Thu Mar 12 17:26:05 EDT 2015

Hi Michael,

I think, the reason why it fails is that the objects are not 'really'
contained in the scrollbox (or any other container object), as you can see
in the class. Only when the window is instantiated, Studio tells them to act
as inside objects. You could either try some $sendall magic, or (my
preferred way) use subwindows instead - this works because the objects are
actually inside the subwindow class.


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I am trying to make a copy of a ScrollBox that contains several objects.

Using the code below, I get the scroll box, but none of the items that are
in the original.

Am I doing something wrong?

Set reference lvOrigRef to $cinst.$objs.Box1.$ref
Do $cinst.$objs.$add(lvOrigRef) Returns lvRef
Calculate lvRef.$name as lvRef.$ident
Calculate lvRef.$left as 100
Calculate lvRef.$top as 100

Michael Mantkowski
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