General Question — Notation

George Ziemann gzieman54 at
Thu Mar 12 16:46:05 EDT 2015

I've been using Omnis since Omnis 3. Used Studio 2 and now have Studio 6.1,
so I'm up-to-date for the moment.

I've been watching this list and notice that every answer to every question
involves using notation. I have no general issue with this and have been
slowly adapting to using notation to get more granular control over things
(and to replace old processes that break after an upgrade because the old
method has been deprecated/discontinued), but most of the old Omnis
functions still work fine for me.

My question is: What is the overwhelming reason to convert to using
notation instead of the traditional Omnis functions? Is it performance?
More control? Or is it because the old functions are gradually being phased

George Ziemann
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