O$5 - $loadcols - loading list values without 'Set Current List'

bub buppeke at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 04:14:23 EDT 2015

Great solutions, thanks Reg, thanks Kelly!!!


On 12/03/2015 13:26, Kelly Burgess wrote:
> Hi Bruno,
> Like Reg says, you can just "refer to them in place with iList.MyColName."
> But if you want to, the pull/push concept is
>     For iList.$line from 1 to iList.$linecount step 1
>       Do iList.$loadcols()  ;;  load 'crb' with list columns (requires column vars are in sync and in scope)
>       Calculate someColField as 'new value'
>       < etc >
>       Do iList.$assigncols()  ;;  copy 'crb' fields back to list columns
>     End for
> That's why you sometimes just refer to them in place.  Calculate iList.someColField as 'new value'  doesn't require that the list be (re)defined for variables that are in scope for your calculation.
> Kelly
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