O$5 - $loadcols - loading list values without 'Set Current List'

Kelly Burgess kellyb at montana.com
Thu Mar 12 03:56:25 EDT 2015

Hi Bruno,

Like Reg says, you can just "refer to them in place with iList.MyColName."

But if you want to, the pull/push concept is

   For iList.$line from 1 to iList.$linecount step 1
     Do iList.$loadcols()  ;;  load 'crb' with list columns (requires column vars are in sync and in scope)
     Calculate someColField as 'new value'
     < etc >
     Do iList.$assigncols()  ;;  copy 'crb' fields back to list columns
   End for

That's why you sometimes just refer to them in place.  Calculate iList.someColField as 'new value'  doesn't require that the list be (re)defined for variables that are in scope for your calculation.


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