O$: HTML Control to display/fix incorrect HTML

Nick Renders omnis1 at arcict.com
Wed Mar 11 08:50:15 EDT 2015

Hi List,

We use the HTML Control component to display some simple HTML pages and 
that works great.
However, we noticed that those HTML pages do not use the correct 

For instance:

	<p>Live & let live</p>

instead of:

	<p>Live & let live</p>

Now that we've begun to display the French version of those webpages, 
that has become a problem because there are a lot more occurrences of 
special characters.

The problem lies of course with the HTML code that is incorrect, but we 
cannot update the source files.
We can only read the HTML code and display it in the HTML Control.

Anyone know what the best practice would be to fix the HTML code before 
displaying it?
I can't encode the entire page at once because then the tags will also 
be converted to HTML entities.
I've been thinking of parsing through the HTML code and only converting 
the text between tags, but I fear that might take too much time.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Nick Renders

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