Field Order

Michael Mantkowski michaelj at
Tue Mar 10 18:19:18 EDT 2015

I am considering creating a Window that will be a virtual workspace for a
number of Subwindows.

I created a Scrollbox Object that I can duplicate for any of these
Subwindows that looks like regular window that can be moved around the
Master window just as if they were regular Omnis Windows.  The Scrollbox has
the Subwindow field inside it.

However, like regular windows, I would sometimes like to change the order in
which they appear so that at one time one is on top and at another a
different one.

I tried to change $order but it seems that is a design time only attribute.

Any ideas on how I could do this?  Creating a new one is easy, but then
bringing one that is already "Open" to front is the issue.  If it is
editable it will be in front while it has the focus, but as soon as it is
out of focus it will return to its $order and other "Windows" may jump in
front of it.

I guess I could create a new object with the same data in it on top then
destroy the previous one.  But that seems likes a lot of processing and I'm
not sure how I would deal with keeping instance variables that were changed
in the subwindow strait if I did that.



Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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