O$ - 6.0 - Unicode $insert error.

Andrew Stolarz stolarz at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 10:38:16 EDT 2015

Hello Everyone, I have an urgent issue here

I have a schema with a character limit of 255 characters. The MySQL
database column is 255 characters (varchar). When I try to do an insert
with 255 characters in omnis, it reports back:

 “Insert Error
The statement could not be executed. Data too long for column ‘testing’ at
row 1”

When I look at the variable in the $insert() command, I can see the text
and its 255 characters long. (see sample 2 below...only showing first
snippet of text with the unicode character issue). However what I believe
is happening is that when its being saved into the database, omnis is
taking sample 2, and converting it to sample 1…causing the data too long

*Sample text in quotes below shortened for simplicity:*

Sample 1: Original text from another column omnis is reading from the
database: "This is a test – 2 acre"

Sample 2: Whats being shown in the omnis variable to save in $insert()
command "This is a test – 2 acre"

I did verify to make sure that the database, tables, and columns are all
set to “utf8”

I do have the following set for the MySQL dam:

Calculate tSessionObject.$unicode as kTrue

Calculate tSessionObject.$validateutf8 as kTrue

Calculate tSessionObject.$encoding as kSessionEncodingUtf8

Calculate tSessionObject.$codepage as kUniTypeUTF8

When I manually do an insert into MySQL using mysql workbench with the same
255 character string that Omnis is using, I have no issues and it inserts
the record into the database, leading me to believe that no issues are on
the MySQL side.

Any ideas here?


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