Omnis Webview external focus issue

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Fri Mar 6 18:08:11 EST 2015

I have also the same issue. I use the edit and insert buttons, when buttons 
are pressed I enable all the entry fields. And disable when record is 
complete. I run this through a simple loop to disable and enable buttons.

Another problem experienced.

When you make an entry and do not tab through the field in the entry mode it 
forgets to pass that entry field contents through to the object however this 
does not all ways occur.
We have alerted Omnis, however no response as yet.

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Hi all,

we use the WebView Component, which we made public last year, heavily in our 
application in order to implement HTML5 components in our Application.

Currently the issue in regards to Omnis not regaining the focus is still 
open. The problem presents itself, when an Omnis input field has focus and 
the user clicks inside the WebView component. The WebView receives the 
focus, but the cursor is still blinking inside the entry field. If the user 
then clicks inside the Omnis entry field again and tries to type something 
the WebView receives the commands.

We were wondering if anybody has an idea/approach on how to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

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