Problem Omnis to Omnis.

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Fri Mar 6 03:31:24 EST 2015

I copy & paste this snippet below we are using for
calling a Omnis from another Omnis passing some
This works with OmnisStudio 4.x but not with Omnis 5.x.
We get an error on TCPReceive:
in char Buffer we get this:

AOMNIS_ORFC   c503 Unable to locate specified Library or Class...

Any clues ?



Do method IP2Long (pcServerIP) Returns myServerIP
Calculate vStatic as 'OmnisLibrary=MYLBS'
Calculate vStatic as con(vStatic,'&OmnisClass=rtAlive')
TCPGetMyAddr  Returns lcMyIP

Calculate vStatic as con(vStatic,'&IPSender=',lcMyIP)
Calculate vStatic as con(vStatic,'&Msg=',pcMsg)

Calculate vStatic as con(vStatic,'&Name=',pcName)

Calculate TheLength as 23+len(vStatic)+len(CGIData)
Do method Num2Long (TheLength) Returns TheHeader
Calculate TheHeader as 

TCPConnect (pcServerIP, 5912) Returns TheSocket
TCPSend (TheSocket,TheHeader) Returns CharCount
TCPSend (TheSocket,vStatic) Returns CharCount
For count from 1 to len(CGIData) step cBlockSize
     Calculate Buffer as mid(CGIData,count,cBlockSize)
     TCPSend (TheSocket,Buffer) Returns CharCount
End For
Calculate Response as ''
Calculate Buffer as ''
         TCPReceive (TheSocket,Buffer) Returns CharCount
     Until CharCount<>-10035     ;; If the port is not ready, try again
     If len(Response)<1     ;; the first 4 bytes will be the length of 
the data coming back
         Do method Long2Num (Buffer) Returns DataLen
         Calculate DataLen as DataLen-18     ;; Remember to take off the 
header length
         Calculate Response as mid(Buffer,19,len(Buffer)-18)     ;; and 
the header
         Calculate Response as con(Response,Buffer)
     End If
     Calculate Buffer as ''
Until len(Response)>=DataLen
TCPClose (TheSocket) Returns CharCount
Calculate TheSocket as 0

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