O$: Postgres, $createnames() and date fields

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Thu Mar 5 21:53:18 EST 2015

Hi Kelly,

On 06/03/2015, at 1:00 AM, omnisdev-en-request at lists.omnis-dev.com wrote:

>> So, how do I get the $createnames() method to recognise time fields as a Time, and date fields as a Date?

> According to the "Server-Specific Programming" docs for PostgreSQL, the data type mappings are -
> Omnis to PostgreSQL:
>  Short date (all subtypes)  -->  DATE
>  Short time  -->  TIME
>  Datetime (all subtypes)  -->  TIMESTAMP
> PostgreSQL to Omnis:
>  DATE  -->  Short date
>  TIMESTAMP  -->  Datetime (#FDT)
>  TIME  -->  Datetime (#FDT)
> So you say you have a time (H:N) field - but that's actually a datetime field, not a short time.  So if you can change the Omnis type to short time, you should end up with TIME in postgres.
> Kelly

Thanks!  I'll give that  go!


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