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Thu Mar 5 04:25:28 EST 2015

But could be a sad day as well, and a fine testament to the original model as well.

So welcome to the Studio Club, it is great fun for sure, and bloody hard if you really leave the old 4GL world behind and embrace notation and instances.  But you don't have to of course, oh and the small part that SQL plays over DF1, thought I would add that minor point. :)

See you at EurOmnis 2015 for the 101 course.


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On 5 Mar 2015, at 09:06, bub <buppeke at gmail.com> wrote:

> Today is a great day!  After 25 years of Classic 3, 5 and 7, I am finally engaged in a Studio 5.2 project, alleluliah!
> I sincerely hope i don't have to bother the list too much with my first real steps but i hope you understand if i do...
> Alleluliah!  Alleluliah!  Great day! Great day!
> Bruno Huyssen
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