Sleep command

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at
Tue Mar 3 23:50:52 EST 2015

Rats, I need something in 6.0, not ready to move up to 6.1 yet..



On 4/03/2015 3:48 pm, Reg Paling wrote:
> Hi Bas,
> From the Studio v6.1 Whatsnew61.pdf:
>    sleep() Function
>    A sleep() function has been added to allow you to suspend method
> execution for a specified
>    length of time. The function sleep(milliseconds) suspends execution
> for the specified
>    number of milliseconds, and returns true if execution was suspended
> successfully or false if
>    an error occurred. Note this function is not available in
> client-executed methods.
> I wonder what sort of error could cause it to return false, and what
> you could do about it if you trapped it?
> Cheers,
> Reg 

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