Closing a Microsoft Word document

Dawid Mocke dawidmocke at
Tue Mar 3 12:40:55 EST 2015

Hi Guys,
I have successfully integrated to MS Word some years ago, but have never
been able to actually close a document.  So I open a template, save it as
something else and then merge the new document.
I have tried a couple of times to close the template, but never got it
Now I have a situation where I have to generate a lot of documents in quick
succesession and while the original template is open, Microsoft will ask
you everytime if you want to open a 'Read-Only' copy, or replace, etc.

As you can understand this is both time consuming and very irritating.

This is the code I use to open the template:
Do iWordDocObjCollection.$open(iWordTempPath,kFalse,kFalse,kTrue) Returns
iWordDocObj     ;; open template file

To save the document as something else:
Do iWordDocObj.$SaveAs(iWordDocPath) Returns #F

Then I try and close the original template and I have tried the following
with no success:
Do iWordDocObj.$::close(iWordTempPath) Returns #F
Do iWordDocObj.$close(iWordTempPath) Returns #F

Any ideas that I can try?

thank you,

Dawid Mocke
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