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you may be able to avoid it by making the files 'closed' (or read only may work')

if I recall in the native datafile, if your default for the file mode is 'read/write' ... you get a slot for the file in the df1.

This is gonig back years, but I recall that we put the following into our code for updating files

begin reversible block
 set file mode  [file name1, file name 2] read/write
end reversible mode

prepare for insert/edit

and that was just good practice so that you know which files were being update in a prepare for edit statement.   otherwise omnis will update every file that is read/write mode.

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> On Mar 2, 2015, at 7:25 AM, Stephane Pras <stephane.pras at> wrote:
> When I open two libraries myLib1 and myLib2 with their respective data files
> DatFile1 and DatFile2 in the same application it works fine.
> But then, if I check "Data Slots" for the data files, I see that Omnis
> automatically opened for each one a series of empty slots corresponding to
> the file structure of the other library. Namely DatFile1 gets a series of
> empty data slots corresponding myLib2 file structure (in addition to its own
> and effective ones), and reciprocally.
> How can I avoid that ?
> Stephane
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