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Mon Mar 2 09:50:50 EST 2015

That’s what you call a “goddamn nuisance” Stephane.
Omnis has been doing that since the beginning.  I don;t think there is anything you can do about it.

Other than not use file formats.  If you use schema classes and OmnisSQL and get rid of the file formats, everything “behaves”.


> On Mon2 Mar 2015, at 14:25, Stephane Pras <stephane.pras at> wrote:
> When I open two libraries myLib1 and myLib2 with their respective data files
> DatFile1 and DatFile2 in the same application it works fine.
> But then, if I check "Data Slots" for the data files, I see that Omnis
> automatically opened for each one a series of empty slots corresponding to
> the file structure of the other library. Namely DatFile1 gets a series of
> empty data slots corresponding myLib2 file structure (in addition to its own
> and effective ones), and reciprocally.
> How can I avoid that ?
> Stephane
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