Studio 6.1 and AppData folder

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Wed Dec 31 17:52:59 EST 2014


In a nutshell, Windows since Vista does not allow a program to modify
anything within the program files folder structure. This is mostly to
fight malware and virusses.
Any changes made to program files will seem "to work" but in fact are
written off to a separate hidden location as a quaranteen measure.

Keep this in mind if you have written any sort of auto update logic that
replaces to push out new libraries or new xcomps as it will seem to work
but horribly fail picking up older versions of files while you see the
"correct" versions of the files (Mac followed suit and does the same,
but atleast fails if you try and make changes to the app structure)

As Omnis has many files that are modifiable (omnis.cfg, all the df1s and
lbs, etc) they are now written into c:\user\<current
c:\user\default\appdata\yourprogram simply contains default files and is
shared amongst all users (We use c:\program files\omnis\firstruninstall
whose contents gets copied into c:\user\<current
user>\appdata\yourprogram the first time you run Omnis for a user).



On 1/01/2015 5:42 am, brian at wrote:
> I noticed with Studio 6.1 installs some files where I direct it and then by
> default install other files into the c:\user\default\appdata folder.  What
> is the purpose for this and can I move all the files inside the appdata
> folder back into the main folder where the Omnis.exe file resides?
> Thanks,
> Brian
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