Studio 6.1 and AppData folder

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Wed Dec 31 15:48:36 EST 2014


This was the case a handful of years ago, not just with Studio 6.1. It has
nothing to do with Omnis but the new way Windows "security" feature is (I
think as of Windows Vista).

Most of it is to do with Windows User Access Controls ( UAC's). Google that
term and you should find tons of info on it.

Depending on the privileges that you are given on the machine you are
installing your software on, I would not try to change this new file
structure or you will certainly run into permission issues. From what I
recall, even if you remove the files from the appdata folder, Omnis will
automatically recreate it on startup.

Typically now the program files folder that you are used to is for the
program directory.

The AppData folder is designed for your data directory (think anything that
you need to write to disk).

Search the TL website, im pretty sure there is a tech note on this topic.


On 31 December 2014 at 13:42, <brian at> wrote:

> I noticed with Studio 6.1 installs some files where I direct it and then by
> default install other files into the c:\user\default\appdata folder.  What
> is the purpose for this and can I move all the files inside the appdata
> folder back into the main folder where the Omnis.exe file resides?
> Thanks,
> Brian
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