ODBC connection error 08001 (Hi Jim Creak)

Peter Suter pete.suter at aol.com
Mon Dec 29 17:56:19 EST 2014

I've spent days trying to resolve a problem accessing an Omnis datafile via ODBC on Windows 8 and have finally found something that works; posting it here will help me find the fix quicker when there is a next time.
The error messages have "suggested" the DSN itself being the problem, but with the .Net side saying "always use a System DSN" and the Omnis side "always use a User DSN" those error messages and suggestions have been "time consuming".

Finally, trying a database component in a new version of Visual Studio I got the 08001 error, and found Jim's message (all over the web) and on the list as "Trying to connect to Datafile using ODBC and PHP,error when datafile on network computer"

That error message was:

Microsoft Visual Studio
ERROR [08001] Unable to read disk (bad disk)

The suggested solution was to run check disk on the drive (didn't find anything).
After moving the datafile to another drive .. no error.

Hi Jim, did you resolve your problem? If you found a different fix can you please let me know what it was.

Best Regards
Peter Suter
pete.suter at aol.com

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