IDE-Tools EurOmnis 2012/2014 Flash session

Udo Sonnabend U.Sonnabend at
Fri Dec 19 13:12:42 EST 2014

Hi All

`Will give my IDE-Tools showed at EurOmnis flash sessions 2012 and 2014 to the community.

They are at the moment on our FTP-Site:
User: omnisdevlist
PW: $sendAll

(There is a commitee constituted at EurOmnis2014 to create an open VCS… they will be availible there too – if…;)

Imagine – after having  programed dozends of Libraries – thausends of classes – a complex subwindow structure - and then maintain this program (after you layed half a year in the sun – `d wish for you ;-) - Just find the right library – class – and then the method -  to put your breakpoint in it ;-)

Imagine - open your window, move the mouse to your point of interest and type a short cut key to:

-          Show  the method behind that object to put any breakpoint in it,

-          Show the design/layout of that object and show it selected to do….your desired layout immediatly,

-          inspect the WHOLE corresponding list under your mouse representing this value,

-          inspect („all“) runtime properties of that object,

-          show the associated schema, table or file class of the object,

-          show subwindow instance values of that object….

If you are editing methods of a class - immedialty switch to:

-          Showing the class in browser,

-          showing the class in VCS,

-          showing the revision history,

-          showing the superclass

-          Check In/Out or switch the checkedout flag

-          ….

Supported version are starting at Studio Version 4.3. – Version 6 tiny resp. not  tested - there are gotchas !
May be not all parts are working for you, but it is at least a start to get a „flowing“ IDE to push the Omnis community ;-)

Below is part of  the readme file.
Please feel free to distribute, share, enhance
…and please report any bugs and comments to usonnabend at<mailto:usonnabend at>.

Udo Sonnabend
Wigasoft AG

PS: I gave my IDETools to Bob Whiting at EurOmnis 2014 – hoping - some functions will become part of the Omnis core and hopefully better implemented than my heuristic approach.

;  =============================================================================================
;  Features:
;  =============================================================================================
;  Mouse over a running Window Object:
;  ===========================
;  Show Method of Object     ;; SHIFT-CTRL-M
;  Select Object in Layout Editor     ;; SHIFT-CTRL-W
;  Show Properties of Object     ;; F6
;  Edit Values of Dataname     ;; CTRL-Shift-A
;  Edit Entity(=List, or all Instance vars)     ;; CTRL-Shift-E
;  Show Table instance vars of associated table;;     ;; CTRL-Shift-B
;  Show Window and Subwindow vars     ;; SHIFT-CTRL-N, SHIFT-CTRL-U
;  Show File or Schema class used for object;;     ;; SHIFT-CTRL-S
;  Show Table class  for object   ;; SHIFT-CTRL-T

;  Selected class in Browser:
;  ===============
;  Show Superclass     ;; ALT-S
;  Show Classname in Finddialog     ;; ALT-F
;  Show Class in VCS     ;; ALT-V
;  Copy Current class name to clipboard     ;; ALT-N

;  Selected class in VCS:
;  ===============
;  Edit Class in main method editor     ;; ALT-C
;  Show Class in Browser     ;; ALT-B
;  Show Superclass     ;; ALT-S
;  Show Classname in Finddialog     ;; ALT-F
;  Copy Current class name to clipboard     ;; ALT-N

;  Method Editor:
;  ===========
;  Show class in Browser     ;; ALT-B
;  Show class in VCS     ;; ALT-V
;  Show Revision History     ;; ALT-R
;  Show Compare Dialog     ;; ALT-O
;  Toggle Show as Checked out     ;; ALT-F1
;  Check out     ;; ALT-F2
;  Check in     ;; ALT-F3
;  Show Superclass     ;; ALT-S
;  Show Inheritance tree     ;; ALT-I
;  Copy Current class name to clipboard     ;; ALT-N

;  Any Selection (nearly) anywhere:     ;; (Text, Method lines, Find dialog)
;  ================
;  Copy to Find Dialog     ;; ALT-F
;  Edit first Class in Selection     ;; ALT-C

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