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You are right, there is a lot of noise, and when you have found the PDF file you have to click it to open it and do the search. On the plus side, you can change the order of results, i.e. show local PDF files at the top of your result list.

You can actually use Preview to merge your PDF documents. 
- duplicate a PDF file and make that your master
- open your master and other PDF files you wish to merge.
- select Thumbnails from the view menu for all your files
- select all the thumb nails in one file (you can click a thumbnail and do command-A) and drag them to the bottom of your thumbnails in your master.
- repeat for all others and hit command-S to save.


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> On 19 Dec 2014, at 02:04, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at> wrote:
> Michael wrote:
>> For us Mac users isn’t that called Spotlight search :-)
> I suppose, but there's a lot of noise there when it also finds all my list digests and other emails referring to a term.  With a single PDF I can just command-G/command-shift-G my way through the set of matches.
> What I wish is that I had a Spotlight search capability for Omnis code.  "I know I wrote something for that, now what library was that in??" is a constantly un-answered question.
> Phil wrote:
>> On windows, in adobe reader, you can search all pdf's within a folder…
> Possibly on Mac too, but I've avoided Adobe Reader since shortly after Preview arrived.  I'm sure I thought I had a good reason to - but thanks for the RTFM moment ; )
> Kelly
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