Omnis on line help Manual 603 Information Only Need correcting

Mike Matthews omnis at
Fri Dec 19 03:10:39 EST 2014


> On 12/18/2014 07:57 AM, Kelly Burgess wrote:
>> On the original topic Chris asked "Who cares about Vista." and I wrote to him to say I read that stale documentation as meaning "Vista or newer" because that's when Windows started with those shadow app folders, UAC headaches, etc.  So I *think* the docs are still correct if you substitute Win 7 or Win 8 where it refers to Vista.
>> On the manuals topic, you know what's nice, is to have a single PDF that contains all the manuals and What's New files and other misc. tech notes, so when you search for something you only need to do it once.
>> That's a view of a PDF I built awhile back, and how I found 13 occurrences of mouseover in six different PDFs at once.
>> Please join me in lobbying Mitford House to make available an all-in-one manual.  They don't want me passing mine around, and I think you would all find it a useful thing to have.
> It is trivially easy for me to combine or split PDFs with the free (in
> every sense of the word) PDF Shuffler, which as far as I know, only runs
> on Linux. You could look for an alternative for Windows and OS X that
> provides the same functionality. I open a PDF either by using a get file
> dialog or dragging/dropping onto the target area on the window, select
> the page(s) I want to split out of the multi-page PDF, right mouse and
> export. Combining PDFs is equally easy. You don't need to wait around
> for anyone to do that for you.

OSX Preview allows you to just drag pages from the side bar to the desktop to split them, very nice.  But it doesn't work on all PDFs, the Studio manuals for example.  Maybe because they have chapter headings, etc.


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