Omnis on line help Manual 603 Information Only Need correcting

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Thu Dec 18 21:04:51 EST 2014

Michael wrote:
>For us Mac users isn’t that called Spotlight search :-)

I suppose, but there's a lot of noise there when it also finds all my list digests and other emails referring to a term.  With a single PDF I can just command-G/command-shift-G my way through the set of matches.

What I wish is that I had a Spotlight search capability for Omnis code.  "I know I wrote something for that, now what library was that in??" is a constantly un-answered question.

Phil wrote:
>On windows, in adobe reader, you can search all pdf's within a folder…

Possibly on Mac too, but I've avoided Adobe Reader since shortly after Preview arrived.  I'm sure I thought I had a good reason to - but thanks for the RTFM moment ; )


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