SMTPSend problems on Mac

Gary Connor gary_connor at
Thu Dec 18 12:18:48 EST 2014

To be totally unhelpful, I have to say that the Mail program (on iMacs
running Yosemite) show the same issues.  For a few hours every account
works, then at odd times one account or another will timeout, or a different
account will suddenly fail to authenticate.  All of this in Apple's native
mail application.  I have spent hours trying to find a pattern, but the
timeouts and authentication failures appear to be totally random, and I have
a very good internet connection.  I know this doesn't help solve your
problem, except to say that it might not be your problem.

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|I have a customer with strange problems when trying to send mail in Omnis
|5.2.3 on OSX.
|When entering the credentials for their account i got errors like
|-1034 Connection time out. Sometimes even -10060 Socket error: Connection
|timed out
|When entering gmail smtp settings settings
|<> with the user authentication settings, verify true
|and SSL true, everything is running fine.
|But their own mail account (running at a web/mail server provider) gives
|I tried to add portnumbers like 587 or 465 to their smtp server address but
|The same error -1034.
|Anyone any idea.
|I tried to use for their email account the gmail smtp server but then their
|email addess is replaced by the gmail address from the authentication when
|customer gets the mail.
|Anyone an idea what is happening here and how to solve it?
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