SMTPSend problems on Mac

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Thu Dec 18 09:42:18 EST 2014

Hi Bob,

> But their own mail account (running at a web/mail server provider) gives problems.
> I tried to add portnumbers like 587 or 465 to their smtp server address but no luck.
> The same error -1034. 
> Anyone any idea.

Use the statusProc parameter to record a trace, and look at the differences where you succeed vs where you fail.

  SMTPStatus method (in a code class)
     If #L1.$cols.$count<>1
       Do #L1.$define(#S1)
     End if
     Do #L1.$add(#S1)

or more simply just
   Calculate #S2 as con(#S2,chr(13),#S1)

and you'll see the negotiations in #L1 or #S2 after SMTPSend completes.  That could help you identify why the server is unhappy.


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