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hi Mats:

if you only have plain text file, then I'd go look ay Kelly burgess' parse file and check out its capabilities.  he has a demo on the web page.

the key thing you mention is the slow performance in trying to implement it in omnis code (as well as some coding to handle embedded ").     I'm a great believer in using externals to solve slow.

other than that, it is certainly possible to write omnis code to handle embedded quotes.    If I was to do that (but only in omnis, never mind slow).

then I'd import my row and strtok based on tabs.

then for each field I have, I'd use our $trim external (part of tmobjs -- its also out there all over the place and free) ... which removes unwanted characters from the beginning and ends of strings.

in this case .. I'd trim out leading trailing  spaces, CR's, LF's single quotes and double quotes.       Omnis supplied trim external only does one specific named character ... whereas we wrote it to remove multiple unwanted characters in any order.    just because we've had to face that kind of problem on data entry and importing of data files we've had to convert to our product.

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> On Dec 16, 2014, at 7:22 AM, ADJob <mats at> wrote:
> Hi,
>> we also have an external that imports XL or XLS spreadsheets ( free from us)...   and we don't worry about that parsing -- its also blazingly fast.
> In my case an plain text file. Should this work to replace double quotes within double quotes?
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> Mats
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