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Hi Scott,

In cases like these I use an instance variable RECTYPE in the report, and if I want to print a heading I 

Calculate RECTYPE as 'HEADING'
Do $cinst.$printrecord

If I want to print a record secion I

Calculate RECTYPE as 'RECORD'
Do $cinst.$printrecord

I no longer use the heading section of Omnis reports. Firstly, I was never able to prevent record secion elements printing on the first page, and the heading section can only be a maximum of one page, no more. If we print passenger lists on the first page, and there are lots of passengers, then at some point the passenger list on the first page (heading section) is simply cut off

In the $printif of the positioning sections of the report I now write






You can, and we do, get very complex requirements for our reports, and the above structure is flexible enough for everything we have thrown at it. The advantage is, we can now have page heading 'sections' in our reports that can span more than one page, and no longer use as many invisible calculated field with $noline  .



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Hello Everyone,
I am trying to make a cove page on a report class so I've set up a "Report heading" section and put the cover page information in this section. 
I can't seem get rid of the subtotal section that keeps popping up on the first page. Is there a better way to do this?
Has anyone ever done anything like this before and have an example?

Scott Calafiore

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