SV: What is below the mouse?

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Mon Dec 15 14:10:55 EST 2014

Hope this is without extra lines in between. Have been testing to myself.

This is the solution. Could figure it out by myself. LISTRESULTAT is the
table clicked on. TABLEOBJLIST are the fields and position of them within
LISTRESULTAT. The For-loop is to find the correct field by its position
inside the table.



     Set current list TABLEOBJLIST

     Calculate TABLEOBJLIST as

     Redefine list {OBJNAME,OBJLEFT}

     Calculate %LINE as mouseover(kMLine)

     Calculate %HORZ as mouseover(kMHorz)

     For #L from 1 to #LN step 1

          If lst(OBJLEFT)>%HORZ

               Calculate #L as #L-1

               Calculate OBJNAME as lst(OBJNAME)

               Calculate #L as #LN

          End If

     End For

     Set current list LISTRESULTAT

     Calculate #L as %LINE

     Load from list

     Calculate VALUE as [OBJNAME]

End If

Local variable TABLEOBJLIST (List)

Local variable OBJNAME (Character   30)

Local variable OBJLEFT (Short number   0 dp)

Local variable VALUE (Character   100)




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I know this has been covered before and years ago I knew exactly how to do

this. Not so today.


I need to make a right-click over a table and present a popup-thing showing

the value of what is in that field on that line in the table.



Something like: Set reference REFRMOUSE to mouseover(kMLine) etc. etc.


Maybe the table-part of it is more complicated, think I also had to

calculate distances from left to rigt etc.



Anyway. Maybe someone has this on top of his head?








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