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Rudolf Bargholz rudolf at
Mon Dec 15 02:10:23 EST 2014

Hi Daniel,

Set current list #L1
Define list {#S1}
Add line to list {('aaa')}
Add line to list {('bbb')}
Add line to list {('CAC')}
Add line to list {('ADa')}
Add line to list {('AaE')}

Clear search class
Set search as calculation {pos('AA',upp(#S1))>0}
Search list (From start,Select matches (OR),Deselect non-matches (AND),Do not load line)



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This is probably simple.

I cant figure out how to select lines in a list with a particular stringvalue.

Example: would like to select the string 'Here I am' regardless if the individual characters are lower or upper case.

'here I AM' or 'hEre I am' or whatever. upp() and low() doesn't seem to work. 

Set search as calculation mid(RES_TEXT;1;7)=('Here I am')




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